Tuesdays & Thursdays are Josie & my "special days". Mia is at school and Josie gets me all to herself. A couple of weeks ago, before the "big surgery", I decided to take her on an artist Date with me. (She was asleep so this was allowed). I looked for rocks that appealed to me and while I did this she woke up and decided to help! We painted them when we got home.

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way,would be so proud!

Josie's Project

Mommy's Project

My daughter Mia is almost 7 years old. 7 years old! She is so beautiful with her toothy smile and unruly blond hair with the perfect ringlets spiraling down like waves. She is fiercely independent but still needs her Mommy (sometimes) to lightly tickle her arm while she falls asleep. I wish the most wonderful life for her and I will love her always.
We went into a little photo booth at the mall and Mia really went crazy. I remember a couple of pictures I had taken with my Dad at around her age. The pictures are very special to me since he passed away when I was a teenager.
A quick snapshot in time.
Those sweet moments pass so quickly.
Savor each one.
Don't take pain medication and work on jewelry either!
not bad for being doped up! :)

This is a new parrot pendant necklace I am working on. Fun colors that make you feel like you are vacationing in the Caribbean with a big-ass fruity drink by your side. My Momma likes it, so should you. It will be on sale at My Etsy Store soon!

Before all this crazy medical stuff went down, we went to the Houston zoo with the family. The most impressive animal I witnessed there, (I have been to many zoos and have lost most of my wonderment) was this crazy looking baboon monkey ape- like animal. After looking much closer at the sign staring me in the face, I learned this most spectacular creature is called a Mandrill and it lives in Africa. How fascinating. It has the strangest back-side I have ever seen. It is red and purple and it looks like a face, with the tail in place of a nose! I read that this helps them to be seen in the bushes and dense vegetation in Africa. I definitely wouldn't miss him!


Who needs a gallbladder anyway?

I found out a couple of weeks ago that I have gallstones. Gallstones! I couldn't believe it! Aren't old or overweight people supposed to get those funky things? I was just getting a little gas after I ate which was more uncomfortable than anything else. I asked my doctor about it thinking I might be allergic to dairy or vegetables or my husband or something! But, she had me get an ultasound that proved that gallstones were the culprit of my embarrasing gas problem.

Unfortunately, there is no way to suck those darn things out without them coming back and I have heard many horror stories about passing a stone. "It's worse than childbirth!"
"You can turn yellow!" O.K. I'll just have the surgery. Come to find out, you don't really need one of those organs anyway.

So my surgery is tomorrow and I can't eat anything after midnight. So, Josie and I went to Barnes & Nobles and pigged out on Godiva chocolate and chocolate milk. Take that you pesky gallbladder!

Hopefully the world's largest gallstone is not for sale, it's only for the artist print!


I saw a fun little movie last night, "Penelope". The art direction was really inspiring. Lots of reds and bright greens. Her wardrobe was fantastic and her bedroom would be any artist's dream room! Check it out for a little artistic inspiration and also because it is a sweet, funny fairy tale. My 7 year old daughter also enjoyed it and it teaching a wonderful lesson: accept yourself the way you are and everything else will be, well....beautiful.


Spring had finally arrived to Round Rock, Texas. Then we got a cold front and it rained buckets. Now it's blue skies and happy Popscicle smailes all over again. Let Spring Fever begin!!

I had a very productive week last week and yesterday (despite the girls being off for Spring break)! I was able to complete two new jewelry pieces and also take pictures. Wow! Doubling up on the caffeine is really working!

My "Butterfly Postage" multi strand necklace uses a new technique that allows the butterfly to "pop up". It is sealed multiple times so it is sturdy and water resistant. The frame is is brushed gold metal and the clasp is brass. Little turquoise beads dangle from gold-filled rings around the multi-colored seed beads. I really love this one!

"Butterfly Postage" will be for sale at my Etsy shop on Thursday the 19th.

How do I get so much done during a day; Making jewelry, maintaining a blog, keeping up with a jewelry business, keeping the house clean (somewhat), keeping the kids happy (most of the time)?

I stopped watching TV during the day.

Big Secret revealed.


I admit it. I'm a scrapbooking dropout. I am not happy about it, but I am not ashamed. I also do not think that I am alone. I enjoy so much the documenting of my life and my family. I just need a place to put it all down, organize it, write it down, display pictures. Scrapbooking was costing me a small fortune. Imagine the monthly cost of adhesives, stickers, paper,ink, ribbon, etc. I know, because I lived it for many years. I was addicted to the scrapbooking lifestyle.

This blog now allows me to have a scrapbook and journal on-line. I mostly wanted to start a blog to document my creative ventures (which there are many!) and promote my new jewelry business. Also, to share aspects of my life with my family and friends. I am doing this blog for myself, to nurture my inner artist who is screaming to be heard every day. If others enjoy it, then wonderful. I hope to inspire others to do the same.

Take the leap. Just do it. You are worth it!

O.K. So I'm a little slow, a little behind if you will. I had no idea what a "blog" was until I finally asked my husband a couple of months ago. I was not embarrassed. This is how I learn things. After making fun of me for being so out of touch, he told me the word "blog" is short for weblog. Kind of like Star Trek's "Captains log, Stardate blah, blah, blah...." Except I'm not wearing a fancy, futuristic gold pants-suit.
I also got inspired by a wonderful magazine I recently found called
Artistic Blogging by Sommerset.

I devour that magazine every time they put one out!
So I decided to jump right in!