O.K. So I'm a little slow, a little behind if you will. I had no idea what a "blog" was until I finally asked my husband a couple of months ago. I was not embarrassed. This is how I learn things. After making fun of me for being so out of touch, he told me the word "blog" is short for weblog. Kind of like Star Trek's "Captains log, Stardate blah, blah, blah...." Except I'm not wearing a fancy, futuristic gold pants-suit.
I also got inspired by a wonderful magazine I recently found called
Artistic Blogging by Sommerset.

I devour that magazine every time they put one out!
So I decided to jump right in!
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  1. Glint Gear Says:

    Hi, Jill! Thanks for your kind words about my bags and purses! I love your whimsical jewelry! Oh, and I know nothing about blogging either and just got mine up! Hooray, us! I'll have to check out that magazine. thanks for the tip! - Celena

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