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This article was sent to me by a wonderful artist and a Mom that raised two children on her own. She was always an inspiration to me and was like my second “cooler” Mom.Carols Banner 



Wow. When I start to get upset at my husband for being too controlling and demanding , I have to look back at how mom’s and wives were treated in the 1950’s and 60’s. They really believed this nonsense. I mean, it was even printed in a well respected magazine. I guess you can just look at the title and make your assumption, “Good Housekeeping.” Today it means something entirely different. Good housekeeping means loving your home and family enough to take care of it the way you want to. It’s about respect for each other and letting your husband be a responsible human being. You do things for him out of love, not out of duty. Good Housekeeping article

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DSC_0033 I really had a desire for my husband to pick me wildflowers on his way to the grocery store Monday. I did not ask him though, because I knew that he just wouldn’t stop on the side of the road for such a silly thing -too dangerous! (He’s a total Libra)

He surprised me and made me so very happy when he brought home the most gorgeous sun-colored Gerber Daisies from the store that day! This is something that he usually does not do, so it made me think we are connected in more ways than just by marriage.


Call Agent Scully and Fox Mulder- We might just have an X-Files case on our hands!

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DSC_0002Like most kids, my budding artists love to partake in crafty projects. I like the fact that it keeps them occupied for more than just a couple of minutes. So, I was really excited when I clicked on Beth H.’s Blog, Crafty Mishmash, and found a fun project to do with my kids! I love the fact that she designed the cute little monkey hangers herself and provided uses for them after they are done. (I use mine to remind me when I need more bananas!) LOVE IT!



I also love the fact that she linked the project to a PDF file on her own website www.snuggleherd.com, so it can be printed out very easily. I need to ask her how she does this- it is quite ingenious!


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My girls being good and not fighting~



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 Mermaid in Pencil Although I make jewelry right now, my first love is drawing and painting.  I find it incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. I think I might do it all day if I could. The most wonderful part is adding the color to my creations and have them come to life. I use acrylic paints because of its diversity, easy clean up and vivid colors. Drawing and painting is the closest thing to real magic that I have experienced in my lifetime.

Cheschire Cat Magnet 

We are all Mad Here Magnet

March Hare

The March Hare 3-D Ornament



…and it is found in a box of English biscuits.

The artwork caught my eye as I was getting my weekly Mocha Frappuccino fix at one of the many local Starbuck’s coffee joints.  I was going to snap a picture of it with my cell phone’s itsy bitsy camera when I read the box: “Natural Vanilla Biscuits”.  Well, I’m not a granola girl, and I’m unfortunately not drawn to many thing marked “organic” or “natural”. (I grew up on SpaghettiOs® and Lucky Charms for Pete’s Sake!) But, I decided that the box was so cute, I had to buy it.


I’m glad I did! Buttery, vanilla goodness in the shape of an adorable kitty and owl inside and the biscuits were surprisingly big! Who needs red dye 32 and high gloopy fructose anyway? Not me. The Owl and the Pussycat biscuits for me from now on. The only problem is they cost like a dollar each. Oh well, some women buy expensive shoes, I buy expensive butter cookies.


                       Peek a boo!

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but you gotta go to Starbuck’s to buy them! Those kooky English people don’t have on on-line store!

P5150183I finished my lovely little necklace with the help of so many of my Etsy friends who commented on which “look” they liked best.  You can see the thread at http://queenofthearts.blogspot.com/2009/05/need-your-help-on-necklace-design.html.

I am happy the way it turned out, although I am still having trouble taking pictures of my jewelry. I am using a new SunPak mini studio light box my Mother so generously gave me for ChristmasSunpak Light Studio.  It is frustrating! I am using a small, but powerful little digital  camera I have owned for several years. The charge lasts for an aggravating 60 minutes and their are so many buttons and controls to learn, my artistic right-sided brain is spinning! It is a trial and error type of situation, and it is making me very tired. I need to go take my vitamins and espresso shots!

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