P5150183I finished my lovely little necklace with the help of so many of my Etsy friends who commented on which “look” they liked best.  You can see the thread at http://queenofthearts.blogspot.com/2009/05/need-your-help-on-necklace-design.html.

I am happy the way it turned out, although I am still having trouble taking pictures of my jewelry. I am using a new SunPak mini studio light box my Mother so generously gave me for ChristmasSunpak Light Studio.  It is frustrating! I am using a small, but powerful little digital  camera I have owned for several years. The charge lasts for an aggravating 60 minutes and their are so many buttons and controls to learn, my artistic right-sided brain is spinning! It is a trial and error type of situation, and it is making me very tired. I need to go take my vitamins and espresso shots!

Click on the Alice picture above to purchase this beautiful necklace and mention that you saw it on this blog and receive FREE SHIPPING and a FREE GIFT!

2 Responses
  1. SpiritMama Says:

    I like the gold chain, the necklace turned out great!

  2. Beth H Says:

    i feel your pain - photography is definitely the most aggravating part of running my small business! so much so that i convinced my husband to do all my product shots for me, and i think he does it mostly so he doesn't have to listen to me complain about it! : ) p.s. the Alice necklace turned out lovely!

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