Everybody has something they think they are really good at. When they find out they are not so great at it, it comes a as a little shock to the ego. That happened to me today. It started with an innocent question about my shop on Etsy. I posted a sad little tale about how anemic my sales have been. I asked, no pleaded, for advice from my fellow Etsians on the Community Forum and got loads of advice; some were really nice, but most were things that I could improve upon or change. (Whoa, that was a major run-on sentence!) Boy, do I have a lot of changing’ to do! 

This was my post:Forum plea


  I got 46 posts, the most I’ve ever gotten with a post on Etsy. Most people had to say:

  1. My banner kind of sucks.

  2.  My photos are too dark, too busy and pretty much suck.

  3. My announcement is too long and again sucks.

  4. Stop whining and be patient! Example-“hi..if you thought you'd open a shop here and folks would be flocking to you to buy then it's a sad realization to face....any business is tough and takes time to get yourself out there and seen, let alone sell. to have sold as many as you have in the short time you've been here is a good thing...whether that's good enough for you or not is another thing” – JuJutoo  Wow. She tells it like it is!


I guess because I graduated with an Associates degree in Photography and Graphic Arts, this criticism hurts a little more  than usual. I thought I was really good at it. But come to think of it, that was like over 10 years ago and I did not have much commercial photography training. So, I’m going to give myself a break on this one and just take their suggestions to heart and work really hard to improve my shop! Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither is a small web-based jewelry business!

I do want to thank all of my “virtual” friends for the encouraging words and constructive criticism. There are so many creative, wonderful people out there that are truly inspiring!

Who is Ready for Spring Necklace2 Words are too distracting in background. Picture is “shrunk to fit”, making it too small.


Bird Song

I actually like this one, but again, background is distracting.


Among the Wildflowers

Too dark perhaps, uninteresting angle? Again shrunk to fit, making it too small


Under the Sun Banner2 copy

“Your banner isn't the best. Maybe find an etsian to help you out on that”

How Insulting!

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