…and it is found in a box of English biscuits.

The artwork caught my eye as I was getting my weekly Mocha Frappuccino fix at one of the many local Starbuck’s coffee joints.  I was going to snap a picture of it with my cell phone’s itsy bitsy camera when I read the box: “Natural Vanilla Biscuits”.  Well, I’m not a granola girl, and I’m unfortunately not drawn to many thing marked “organic” or “natural”. (I grew up on SpaghettiOs® and Lucky Charms for Pete’s Sake!) But, I decided that the box was so cute, I had to buy it.


I’m glad I did! Buttery, vanilla goodness in the shape of an adorable kitty and owl inside and the biscuits were surprisingly big! Who needs red dye 32 and high gloopy fructose anyway? Not me. The Owl and the Pussycat biscuits for me from now on. The only problem is they cost like a dollar each. Oh well, some women buy expensive shoes, I buy expensive butter cookies.


                       Peek a boo!

Click on the link for their web-site


but you gotta go to Starbuck’s to buy them! Those kooky English people don’t have on on-line store!

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