I am working on a new necklace that I need a little help with. All you artistic people (and not so artistic people) please give me your opinion!

Which side of the necklace do you like better?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         the right side with the black beads and red crystals or

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         the left side with the gold chain and black and red crystals as hanging accents?

Please post your comment so I can finish this necklace and list it on Etsy for all you Alice fans!

9 Responses
  1. I like the right side with the beads.

  2. Malissa Says:

    I like it the way it is asymmetrical, it adds interest. Wonderland was off balance...

  3. Beth H Says:

    i was going to say I like the left side better because it's more feminine, but actually, I agree with Malissa!

  4. I agree that the chain on one side and at least a few inches of the red and black on the other is very appealing. I think all chain would not tie into the pendant enough and all beads would be somewhat of a distraction from a really fun and interesting pendant.

  5. I really like the side with the beads!

  6. JillP Says:

    Great feedback! thanks!

  7. tina lewis Says:

    I like the left side! It ties the metal in the charm better and still has the nice accent beads. Very pretty!

  8. HappyBuddha Says:

    i love the gold chain. i think it reaaly pops and adds a bit of sophistication to the necklace.

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