DSC_0002Like most kids, my budding artists love to partake in crafty projects. I like the fact that it keeps them occupied for more than just a couple of minutes. So, I was really excited when I clicked on Beth H.’s Blog, Crafty Mishmash, and found a fun project to do with my kids! I love the fact that she designed the cute little monkey hangers herself and provided uses for them after they are done. (I use mine to remind me when I need more bananas!) LOVE IT!



I also love the fact that she linked the project to a PDF file on her own website www.snuggleherd.com, so it can be printed out very easily. I need to ask her how she does this- it is quite ingenious!


click on the picture to go to her web site-

Fun Freebie of the Month is on the right side to find the Monkey Hanger project


My girls being good and not fighting~



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  1. Beth H Says:

    great post, Jill! love seeing pics of your girls enjoying my monkey project. Now that i know I have some little fans, it will keep me motivated to make more! As for how I link the PDF for downloading... I don't. My husband does all that technical stuff for me. maybe I can get him to write a blog post explaining how it's done - i'll keep you posted!

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