Who needs a gallbladder anyway?

I found out a couple of weeks ago that I have gallstones. Gallstones! I couldn't believe it! Aren't old or overweight people supposed to get those funky things? I was just getting a little gas after I ate which was more uncomfortable than anything else. I asked my doctor about it thinking I might be allergic to dairy or vegetables or my husband or something! But, she had me get an ultasound that proved that gallstones were the culprit of my embarrasing gas problem.

Unfortunately, there is no way to suck those darn things out without them coming back and I have heard many horror stories about passing a stone. "It's worse than childbirth!"
"You can turn yellow!" O.K. I'll just have the surgery. Come to find out, you don't really need one of those organs anyway.

So my surgery is tomorrow and I can't eat anything after midnight. So, Josie and I went to Barnes & Nobles and pigged out on Godiva chocolate and chocolate milk. Take that you pesky gallbladder!

Hopefully the world's largest gallstone is not for sale, it's only for the artist print!

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  1. nessadee Says:

    I'm so sorry to hear that! I was so sure I had gallstones after Finn was born, that I made the doc check, but it was nothing. I still don't know why I was in so much pain for a few months, but it's gone now.

    Get well soon!

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