From the Heart Necklace Collection

Taking pictures, uploading them to Etsy, listing them, and pricing them can take a huge chunk of time. When do I have time to actually create? I have two kids at home, a house to clean, doctor's appointments to make, dinner to make. (O.K. that last one is really stretching it.)
I am frustrated with not being able to make more jewelry! Let alone, start a line of hand painted jewelry boxes, magnets, greeting cards, art prints, socks, the list goes on and on!
I am just happy at this point that I have uploaded two new necklaces to Etsy. They are from my collection: From the Heart. I found these wonderful Pewter heart charms at a Georgetown shop called, The Escape. I turned them into necklaces with a message. Some have stones and some have crystals. These further express the message conveyed in the pendant. I'm putting a couple for sale each day this coming week at my Etsy site!

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