The Boobie Tree!

One of the most important books in my life right now is the "Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. It has showed me how to unblock myself to creative inspiration and nurture my inner artist. It is such an inspirational and life-changing book. I am so glad I discovered it.
(finally, it's been out forever!)

One of the exercises that is very important to participate in, if you wish to "unblock", is The Artist Date. I have not been going on my artist's dates recently and it was putting me in a funk.

After going on a walk a couple evenings ago, I noticed how beautiful the wildflowers were around my neighborhood and along the walking trail behind my house. The next morning I took my big-ass camera with me and took some really nice shots. Here they are, I hope you enjoy them!

Red Poppy
(my favorite!)

False Dayflower



Antelope Horn

(blooms look like little stars when closed)

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