Today we went to the Austin Art Alliance Fine Art Fair in beautiful downtown Austin. It was such a lovely day, not too hot, a little windy and no rain! Mia and Josie and my husband came, making it a fun family outing. Thom even got involved in the crafting fun!





I went exploring while the “kids” played!

This place was colorful!





I met many wonderful artists at the show, including jewelry artists, fine artists, and pottery makers. My absolute favorite fine artist was Mary Alayne Thomas. She does these wonderful mixed media pieces in which she uses a technique called encaustic. (It is certainly a great deal of work- click on the word to see a slideshow of how to do it!) I also saw a great deal of art nouveau influence in her work which I am drawn to also.


Mary Alayne Thomas

click on pic to go to her web site

My favorite jewelry artist was a man who worked with polymer clay in his designs. I do not usually like clay jewelry but his pieces were incredibly unique and beautiful! His prices were very reasonable for the amount of work that looked like went into each piece. I especially liked his “lantern” drop necklaces. It is on my Mother’s Day gift wish list!   His name is pretty crazy, but he really is an amazing artist-Wiwat Kamolpornwijit Oh, No! It’s looks like he does not have an on-line shop. If I want that necklace, I better go back tomorrow!     YIKES!                                       


Some other artists I enjoyed:

www.fineartoncanvas.com   Tanya Doskova

www.rachaeladamiak.com    jewelry design, Austin, Tx

www.fourfootedart.com      Yvonne Miller: fine art with an animal twist

www.SilvieGoldmark.com     beautiful & unique salt and pepper shakers

www.avanzare.com              Kristian Rangel:  amazing dream-like etchings



Here are more pictures of our outing to explore!


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  1. nessadee Says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! I'm sorry about the First Thursday fiasco. I need to start making some shows, but there's been so much going on lately, I haven't had time to get stuff ready. Are you taking credit cards at the shows? That's one thing I need to figure out.

    I try to get the Crafty Friday stuff done beforehand so I can post them either first thing on Friday, or Thursday night.

  2. mommylion Says:

    Love the look of your blog!!
    Very nice...

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