If you are my age, which I will be so brave as to tell you is 35, you will know who this little girl is. She comes from Rainbow Land and rides on a beautiful white horse with a rainbow mane. She makes sure all the colors stay in our world with help from her friends the "color kids". How nice of her!

The other day I saw the real life Rainbow Bright! I found her playing in my back yard trying to bring color back to this area. The rainy days have made Central Texas quite gray! I had to snap some quick pictures before she ran off back to Rainbow Land!

I decided to bring her inside and keep her!

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  1. nessadee Says:

    I love this! How much fun it must be to have the real live Rainbow Bright in your house!

    Great idea on the Crafty Friday thing. I think I'll post a little blurb a few days before along with the supply list. Maybe we can start a Flickr group with our kids' Crafty Friday creations?!

  2. JillP Says:

    I love it. Let's do it!

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