O.K. so I am having an issue with selling my jewelry on Etsy- I'm not getting any sales! So, I thought I should diversify, think of other products I can make and sale on Etsy and at craft shows. (craft shows are being inundated with jewelry designers also, and it's hard to get into a show right now!)

My darn psychologist- it's all her fault. She thought it would be such a great idea for me to sale my own jewelry so I would get out of my deep, dark funk I was in for say... 10 years. It has helped but now I'm just dealing with rejection and that is as depressing as ever. Thanks bone-head pychologist- she will remain nameless at this point. I love her though, really.

Anyway, to get to the point, I thought I should start making new and "fresh" products to sale on-line and at shows. Would they let me in if I were to sale..... tampon holders? I thought that would be a great idea. How many women in the world use tampons? How many tampons have been wasted because of the tampons falling out of their wrapper into a purse and getting gum stuck to the string? I found this on Etsy and thought this was the Roll's Royce of tampon holders:

click on the pic to go to listing

Wow! How can I top that? I don't even sew. So screw it. I think I'll make some "Tampon Rockets" with my kids instead.

This is real people-I'm not making this up.
Click on the pic to see complete "How To"!
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